• What do I need to access the mortgage plans offered by FBN Mortgages Limited ?

 You need to have a steady source of income and you may be self-employed. But the essential part is to have a steady income flow.

  • Do I need to be an account holder to be able to access the mortgage facilities or to procure a mortgage?


  • How many times can I get NHF loan ?

A contributor can enjoy the NHF loan facility only once.

  • What is the maximum loan amount and repayment time for the NHF ?

 A contributor is eligible to enjoy a maximum of N15 million repayable over a maximum of 30 years at an affordable interest rate of 6%.

  • Can the NHF loan be used to acquire land ?

 The scheme does not allow you to purchase a piece of land. However, a prospective applicant who wishes to obtain a loan to build a house is expected to have his/her land and acceptable title documents to the land prior to enjoying a loan facility.

  • Apart from building a house, for what other uses is the NHF loan?

 Loan from NHF are available to also make outright purchases, renovate or expand an existing house. The loan is strictly for residential buildings.

  • Can I liquidate my loan at any time before maturity?


  • Do I need to open an account with your Bank to access the NHF Loan?


  • Can I apply as non resident Nigerian ?


  • Can I have two loans running at the same time?