Making home ownership a reality

As a dedicated provider of a wide range of real estate financing solutions, FBN Mortgages is in a unique position to help you make that final critical step to owning your home.

We offer the following Mortgage services:

Mortgage Refinancing

This enables customers refinance their existing facility held for a minimum of 9 months with other financial institutions for reasons of repayment convenience, better services or preferential pricing.

Outright Purchase Mortgage

This is a mortgage finance given for acquisition of a completed (ready) property with valid title. The property must be in our approved location. (Lagos & Abuja)

Equity Release Mortgage

This product allows customers to obtain cash to spend as derived from value of their existing property. We avail customers a loan value of up to 50% of forced sale value subject to a max ceiling of N50 million. The purpose for the loan is at the discretion of the borrower.

Construction Finance

This mortgage is advanced to customers who wish to build or complete the construction of an existing property. There must be a land with a valid title.

Project Finance

It is designed to provide necessary funding to developers for the development of well conceived real estates in the major cities of the country. The product is designed for Estate Developers (residential), Hospitality /Education, Developers of offices and Developers of shopping Malls/Markets. Financing is by partnership/Joint Venture or its equivalent. The product is to finance the development of houses, markets/shopping centres, offices, schools and hotels. The tenor of the facility for Estate Developers shall not exceed 24 months, plus 6 months to wrap up partnership. The maximum tenor for Developers of shopping malls, markets and offices is 5 years. Repayments are from rentals and proceeds of sale of the houses .

Real Estate Plans