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    Investor's Relations


    Savings & Investments

    This represent all investment opportunities offered by
    the bank and various types of saving product
    that is available to the public.


    Home Plan

    This is a monthly savings plan with a concessionary interest rate. Withdrawal is not expected to be more than once in a quarter.

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    Children Saving Account

    This account enables parents/guardians to plan and save for their children’s future from ages 0-18 years, in the attainment of medium and long-term goals.

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    Target Savings Account

    This is a savings for a specific purpose and upon 50% achievement, if the customers desires to access a loan, it can be granted.

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    Endowment Savings Account

    This product is a saving plan that allows customers save their funds and obtain an interest rate as much as 2.5%

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    FirstTrust Premium Account

    This product is designed for customers with high net worth and are senior citizens.

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